You Shook Me All Night Long

Okay, we didn’t actually shake anyone all night long, but we did shoot all night long. The MadHatterCollective founded by Zane Rutledge, Paul Gandersman, Gray Haddock and Jeff Stolhand shot from dusk ’til dawn on the web series (and potential TV pilot) Do-Overs. The shoot took place at the ominous Seaholm power plant in downtown Austin and featured Ben Wolfe, Drew Whelpley, Ken Thomas and Jimmy Gonzales. Utilizing the new DSLR technology, the crew was able to shoot under low light conditions with minimal lighting that allowed DP Paul Gandersman and camera operator GrayHaddock to maximize the beautiful Austin sky line that surrounds the power plant.

National Commercial “Let it Snow”

Re-posted from Zane TV:

ZaneTV recently developed some exciting new television creative for Fired Up, Inc. and their Carino’s Italian Restaurants. We’ll be shooting and rolling out a very fun — and unique — TV campaign over the next six months (as well as helping with Carino’s viral/social experience), but we got the snowball rolling with this clever holiday idea conceived by a waitress who works at the restaurant.

This holiday spot features the wide-eyed (and incredibly professional) Diego P. from Calliope Talent. Directed by Jeff Stolhand, co-produced by Jeff and I, and lensed by Paul Gandersman. Compositing and some digital “snow” enhances overcranked live-action footage shot with the Red Camera. This spot was shot and delivered inside one week (well, we did shoot a test a week earlier, so technicallytwo weeks total). (And yes, that is me on the VO!)

We look forward to shooting many more of these… and to expanding the way people think about Carino’s Italian.

Geek Love

Just produced “Geek Love” with Zane Rutledge and Gray Haddock for MadHatterCollective.

The shoot was fun.

The cast was awesome.

The spot goes live this week.

Red Camera Wrap Up

Just wrapped a commercial spot shot on the Red.  We opted for the Red Camera because the spot required a variety of slow motion shots (all at different speeds) to be married together in post.  All in all, very happy with the results.

Halloween Flick

I was only 6 or 7 years old when I saw this movie at the local HS gym during a student fund raising carnival.  My dad taught at the school at the time, so our whole family went.  Still one of my all time favorite films.  Happy Halloween!

Mike sells THE TRIBE

Congrats to my pal, Michael Canales, who sold his Nicholl Fellowship finalist script, “The Tribe,” to Continuum Pictures.

Jeff Stolhand and Mike Canales at the "Machete" premiere

Glamour Spot

I recently co-produced a high-scale glamour spot for MadHatterCollective.  The spot, directed by Zane Rutledge, featured Kelly Grace, Zach Thompson and a digitally enhanced shooting star.  Kudos to a great cast and to Leslie Touchet from Cobalt Blue who did a terrific job on hair and makeup.  The shoot went smoothly, despite the city of Austin blowing a power grid in the exact part of town we were shooting. Fortunately, we wrapped the spot before the city lost electricity on that side of town.  In the end, the spot turned out great and should start airing in the coming weeks.

Johanna and Nicole Kidman

Congrats to my friend Johanna Goldsmith who just wrapped on the film, “Trespass,” with Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman!  I love to see Austin talent continue to grow and succeed.

Johanna with Nicole Kidman

The Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things that make your day.  Today while tech scouting a location for a shoot tomorrow I had a pleasant surprise.  The owner of the location had re-created a replica of a ’60’s juke joint in his own backyard.  But not only that — everything in it was authentic; the bar stools, the juke box, the 45’s in the juke box and even the coke machine.  But when I say everything… I mean everything.  When we were about to wrap up, I was offered a dime for the coke machine.  And what the coke machine delivered was an “original-recipe-cane sugar” Dr. Pepper…in an original 1960’s bottle.  How cool is that?  So, I kicked back, punched in Kodachrome by Paul Simon on the juke box and enjoyed my Dr. Pepper.

Unlike Marty McFly, I didn’t have to go back in time to get an original taste from the past.  The little things can be very cool.