Editing for Story

As I work on my current edit for Southwest Airlines, I realize you always have to find the story.  Sometimes the story is written and sometimes the story is created in the edit – created with the footage that you are given to work with;  created from the people on screen telling their stories.

And all of their stories are different.  But it’s the editor’s job to weave them all together into one voice.

All media is storytelling.

Blue Cat Workshop

Alvaro took our latest script to the Blue Cat writer’s workshop in New Orleans.  So far the notes are all good!  I see a script polish in our future and then we’ll set up a local reading.

Machete Premeire

Congrats to our pal Alvaro Rodriguez on the great opening weekend of “Machete.”  Left to right: Jeff Stolhand (film and video producer), Alvaro Rodriguez,(Co-writer of “Machete”), and Jim Boy (subject of a new script by Stolhand and Rodriguez).

Launching New Website

I’ve been letting my old web site sit untouched for far too long.  Thought I would re-work the whole darn thing.  Not only to I want to make it a better site, but also keep myself more active on the site.  We’ll see if it works 😉