The Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things that make your day.  Today while tech scouting a location for a shoot tomorrow I had a pleasant surprise.  The owner of the location had re-created a replica of a ’60’s juke joint in his own backyard.  But not only that — everything in it was authentic; the bar stools, the juke box, the 45’s in the juke box and even the coke machine.  But when I say everything… I mean everything.  When we were about to wrap up, I was offered a dime for the coke machine.  And what the coke machine delivered was an “original-recipe-cane sugar” Dr. Pepper…in an original 1960’s bottle.  How cool is that?  So, I kicked back, punched in Kodachrome by Paul Simon on the juke box and enjoyed my Dr. Pepper.

Unlike Marty McFly, I didn’t have to go back in time to get an original taste from the past.  The little things can be very cool.